Web Hosting

Preparations are being made to start the most fastest and secured web hosting solution in Bangladesh.

Application Development

With best minds of Bangladesh, we intend to make a mark in Application Development world.

Security Solution

Most of our focus is given to the security. Intend to provide sophisticated yet flexible security solution  as per client requirement.


We maintain connections to multiple upstream providers with multiple fiber optic cable capable of 10Gbps bandwidth to provide redundancy and reliability for your connection to the Internet.

Network Infrastructure

We feature a redundant server setup to provide uninterrupted Internet Service. Every POP of our network is connected by multiple links making it close to impossible to lose physical connectivity due to fiber cut and also each POP is equipped with enough power backup to run for four days.

Customer Support

Without any question our highest priority and concern is our Customer Support. We are always open 24×7 to give our client a supporting hand when in need. Because we prefer quality before quantity.